There is nothing we can't do, can't achieve, and can't become.

We are here to soar.

Our school provides an international experience, not just an American education. It's all about the end product:

That our kids can become the best of the best.

Students are taught to think, to be well rounded, and to be responsible, contributing members of society... Citizens of the world.



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Teachers are here to inspire, to guide, to push, to encourage;

and to learn.

The American curriculum is important. It's not just what they teach but how they teach. They teach our kids how to examine, to learn, to question, to problem solve. They give them the tools along the way as they're needed. Teaching math skills is not the roadmap to pass the test; it's teaching them how to think, how to interact.


Given room to grow and explore the many facets of their personalities, students are here to absorb, to seek, to develop, to become;

and to teach.

This is a place where you can be ambitious. it's expected, it's normal, it's ok to be a good student here and to care about your studies.






We are friends that

Become family.

Our school is a small school yet a powerful, multi-cultural community that cares about one another.

We are united in our diversity. A community that

Honors our differences.

55+ different nationalities create a wonderful brotherhood that is embodied by kids, parents, and faculty. This shows we CAN all live together.


As teachers, learners and friends, we each work a little harder to be a little better

Every single day.

The students are always striving to better themselves. Always.


It is through others that we capture the wind that helps us soar; and when soaring, we can see beyond the horizon and glimpse the

Amazing things we will accomplish.

We all help and contribute to make sure the kids graduate and move on to institutions that best suit them; to help discover that best fit that will most enhance their skills, talents, life, and professional desires, and that will make them happy.


We are eagles and we soar.